Back to Travel: Shawn Leads a Team to Montana

When COVID-19 pulled the brakes on travel, it appeared that my 27-year streak of leading voyages around the world had ended.  In my head, I knew we’d travel again, but this trek through the travel-desert has been lonely. Strange times is an understatement. My world was off-kilter and I longed to return to some level of Wonder Voyage normalcy.

I’m sure many of you can relate.

When a group of men contacted me wanting to do an Adult Journey at the end of August, I jumped on the opportunity.  They were interested in one of our newest locations in the United States: Montana.
We stayed at a lodge outside of Glacier National Park as I learned to lead a trip in this new reality. Social distancing, smart travel, and a whole lot of adventure framed our days. We hiked 14-miles grueling and awe-inspiring miles along the Highline Trail and crossed the Continental Divide. A day of fly fishing and visiting the wonderfully insane Miracle of America Museum were highlights. And you better believe we ate huckleberry pie until our stomachs ached.
Our Wonder Voyage ended on a high note, reminding us all that we will travel again soon.
When you’re ready, we look forward to leading you, too.
This month we are dedicating the blog to introducing some new locations within the US. Whether you fly or choose an epic road trip, Wonder Voyage is ready.