• I Dream of Water

    I Dream of Water

    Jina dreams of water. This dream is shared by millions of girls whose lives revolve around the responsibility of finding enough water to sustain their families for one more day. This daily burden is their one obstacle to getting an education and the opportunities it brings. When water flows freely, so can these girls' dreams of a better life. 'I Dream of Water' is the artistically stunning and hope-filled telling of the story of one girl who was given the opportunity to fly when her village was gifted with clean water. Water is basic. Water is life.
  • The Via Advent

    The Via Advent

    Second in a series, The Via Advent, shows Shawn Small’s creative and unique retelling of the familiar story – the birth of Christ – captures anew the profound mystery of Christ’s incarnation.
  • An Tobar Nua - The New Well: The Unlikely Story Of An Uncommon Community

    An Tobar Nua – The New Well: The Unlikely Story Of An Uncommon Community

    In 1993, God called Kelly Curry from life as a corporate executive of a Fortune 500 company, and his wife, Susan, to Galway, Ireland. This is the history of the ministry that developed, told through the Curry’s story and that of the other men and women who came alongside, drawn by God’s grace and purpose. It chronicles the challenges of faith and obedience of a group of people, diverse in their backgrounds, denominations, nationalities and ages, brought together in an uncommon community living in the relevance of Christ and His Word.
  • The Chronicles of C.S. Lewis

    The Chronicles of C. S. Lewis

    The Chronicles of Lewis is an expedition of C.S. Lewis’ life through his seventy-four published works. Take a personal tour through the times of inspiration, heartbreak, struggle, and joy which Lewis expressed through his novels, letters, and essays, which made him one of the most influential writers of the 20th century.
  • The Via Crucis

    The Via Crucis

    A Roman soldier. An anguished mother. A death row prisoner. An unsuspecting pilgrim. A treacherous friend. Jesus touches each of these and many others – seen and unseen – on His agony-filled way to the cross.