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Cover Type: Hardcover, Softcover
ISBN: 9780997101775
Publisher: HIS Publishing Group (2024)
Language: English
Dimensions: 9 × 6 × .5 in

Into the Wonder

Wonder. It’s become a bit of a buzzword, but it often feels elusive. What does it even mean? And why does it seem so hard to find?

Into the Wonder is an invitation to walk with a guide who has dedicated his life to connecting people with wonder. Shawn Small invites you to be part of his adventures from Milwaukee to the movie theater, Africa to Ireland, and beyond. You get to experience wonder through the eyes of a rare adult who has taken the struggles of childhood trauma, death-defying car wrecks, and the pain of church leadership gone awry and turned them into stepping stones on his adventure rather than painful memories that weigh him down. Through his stories, we see that wonder isn’t just for the lucky few but for anyone willing to step out of their comfort zone.

Reading Into the Wonder feels like sitting by a campfire and listening to an old friend share his stories. The book will leave you asking why one man experienced so many amazing stories while simultaneously calling your soul to start your own wonder-filled adventure.

Because wonder changes everything.

Into the Wonder


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Shawn Small Stories
Average rating:  
 16 reviews
 by Anida
Staying Human

In a world filled with fear, despair, and hopelessness, Shawn reminds us to dream big inside of an enormous and joyful creator. His gift of adventure and curiosity resonates throughout this book. This quasi-memoir is a wonderful glimpse into an extraordinary human that motivates us to shine on in a dark world and mostly - remember to stay human. May each of us live a bit of “Shawn Small” in this short life.

 by Molly Wren
Never Ordinary Always Extraordinary

Shawn's stories are not only a reminder, but also an exhortation that a life lived in pursuit of wonder will never be ordinary; it will always be extraordinary. Thank you, Shawn, for sharing so much of yourself, and for encouraging all who read to live into the wonder.

 by Beth
Follow this travel guide!

We are all travelers and pilgrims but Shawn is also a guide who takes us on incredible adventures around the world that most of us will never experience. Beyond the encounters he relates, he takes us on his own journey of heart and soul, including tragedy that also goes beyond what many of us will experience. His perspective and lessons learned are what each of us needs to help us on our own journeys. This book is not only entertaining but captivating and Shawn helps us see in new ways that we are all looking for Someone greater than ourselves. The storytelling is superb and the depth of insight is life changing. I loved this book!

 by Richard Ray
Into the Wonder

Shawn Small’s “Into the Wonder” chronicles one man’s remarkable Faith journey. It’s a unique travelog that takes the reader to exotic places of spectacular, natural beauty, in a quest for awe and wonder at God’s creation. But, it’s a spiritual odyssey too, through a life in ministry that has sometimes taken jarring, painful detours. Every step of the way, Shawn partners with The Creator “in this adventure of a lifetime.”

 by Susan M
Wonder Rekindled

Into the Wonder is a rare find. Shawn’s stories, his love for adventure, his heart for people, and his ability to see things through the lens of wonder are an open invitation to join him on an incredible journey. More than that, as he recounts the traumas and triumphs of his life, he invites us to look through his increasingly revelatory journey with God, using the template of his travels to frame the situations he experiences.

Reading brought laughter, tears and reflective quiet as I found myself suddenly aware of my own neediness for that excited heart of wonder that too often disappears with time. A longing has been birthed-to open my eyes wider to look for wonder in the ordinary and to recognize the extraordinary in the unexpected, along with a realization that re-cultivating a sense of wonder is possible.

Shawn’s transparency is disarming and his chapter on forgiveness is a hidden gem, demonstrating a life of trust, nestled securely in the hand God. Into the Wonder is more than a great biography-it’s a guidebook for transformation that you won’t want to put down.

 by Michael A. Santiago Sr.
Adventure and Challenge

Into the Wonder is a BOLD expression of embracing the unknown. From insights and illumination to reminders of truth and transformational living. I strongly encourage You to make priority of your time by reading this book. Having a front-row seat for the last 20 years to the life of the Author and his zeal for adventure and challenge is epic. Now Go- Into the Wonder!

 by James Kirkpatrick
A Riveting Read

When I received this book, I wasn't sure when I would find the time to read it. However, out of curiosity, I gave it a chance and read the first few pages. Little did I know I would be completely captivated.

This book is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, filled with tragic pain and awe-inspiring experiences. It's almost hard to believe that some of his experiences are real and not from a fictional novel. Shawn's journey is unparalleled, from playing with cobras to braving the tough gangs in a housing project in Louisiana and forming an unexpected bond with their matriarch to finding a thin place (a holy place in Ireland).

The moments when he climbs high into the rugged mountains of Ireland and discovers a hidden sacred place or when he receives a heartwarming gift from his daughter that brings tears to your eyes are truly unforgettable. By allowing me to share his experiences, Shawn showed me what Wonder truly is. If you don’t know Shawn, you will after reading his book.

 by Chad Koons
Broke something loose inside of me

Ever felt like you've lost part of yourself? I did, and this book helped me get it back.

While reading Into the Wonder, something began breaking loose inside of me in a very compelling way. I read a chapter a night and couldn't wait to read more. Shawn is a fantastic writer; he had me laughing out loud one minute and wiping away a tear the next! It's vulnerable storytelling. I felt like I was looking through his eyes as I read. And the adventures, from Iowa to Ireland to Africa to India and more! It's very entertaining and moving.

But it was more than just a great book... it changed my perspective. Although I hadn't realized it, I had allowed the demands of life to lock me down. I had drifted from the fresh spark of seeing the Lord at work around me. Finding the wonder amidst the journey and joining Him there. This book helped me get that back again. I'm so grateful. I pray that it does the same for you.

 by Bryan E
What I need....What I want....

Into the Wonder was the book that I needed to read.

I want to live into a life of wonder but I need to hear stories of life transforming beauty which is what you are invited into when reading Shawn Small's captivating and beautiful book.

That does not mean that this book does not go into all places of life including the hard and dark places. You will come face to face with stories of transformation and hope along with stories of pain, loss and darkness. But in the end you will find like I found the universal story and experience of awe and wonder.

Into the Wonder is what I needed to read and I am convinced what you should be reading as well. We all need wonder and awe in our lives.

 by Robin Gillespie
Absolutely riveting, and difficult to put down

Shawn's ability to bring his heartfelt and masterful true stories to light captivated me, as if he were personally and intimately weaving his life's journey for my own ears alone. Do yourself a favor and get this book. Not only will Shawn's journey help you understand how the purposes and plans of God can be woven in the most fascinating ways, but his book may also propel you to seek how the Creator prompts us to seek new and wondrous voyages in our very own lives. This is a must-read, cannot put down pageturner - kudos to Shawn Small and his amazing storytelling skills.

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