Entering the Story: An Essential to Pilgrimage

The Jesus we worship is an amazing storyteller. He wrote our universe into existence, but he also took the time to personalize a story for each of us. At Wonder Voyage, we want to help every pilgrim dive deeper into the story God is narrating for them.

But really, that’s up to you… the traveler.

At the beginning of your Wonder Voyage journey, it is essential that your team decides whether they will take this trip as pilgrims who are active participants in their unfolding story or remain mere tourist observers.

As humans, we long for stories where the hero seeks hidden treasure. Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Goonies – we enjoy finding treasure in secret places. Unlike a physical treasure like a pirate chest full of gold or the Lost Ark, the stories we uncover on pilgrimage are memory treasures we can carry with us and share with others for the rest of our lives.

Over the past two decades, we’ve become collectors of stories that enhance our humanity, inspire us with love and sacrifice, and point us toward a Creator who longs to embrace us, to know us, and to walk beside us. These stories of wonder are woven into our DNA.

At Wonder Voyage, we consider storytelling an essential key to unlocking transformative voyages, whether mission trips, educational expeditions, or pilgrimages. Every location we travel to provides the opportunity to uncover old stories you can learn from while allowing you to create new stories. But some locations lend themselves to a specific genre of narrative. If you and your team are looking for a journey with a focus such as race relations, ecology, American history, or church history, it’s now easier to find.

On our website, go to Destination. There you will see “Narrative Voyages.” The focus of these narratives allows us to sink deep roots of wonder into the souls of the participants. In these stories, they become a part of a growing narrative that they can adopt and bring back with them.

When your team is ready to become the main character in their own story, start your journey here.