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Ru - Water is Life

Ru (Water is Life) started like many independently produced documentaries: the impossible goal of telling a story that pulses with the heartbeat of humanity, with no budget.  The film idea started through the inspiration of a non-profit organization called Water is Basic, which had been travelling to the war torn regions of South Sudan to dig wells for a decade.

Sudan’s five decades of civil war left crippling poverty, water-borne diseases, and a lack of basic daily resources in its bloody trail.  Ninety percent of the population did not have access to clean water. The task of collecting water is relegated to women and children, and the average distance they walk for water is two and a half miles three times a day.  Without water their families will not survive. In South Sudan, water is life.

Our team traveled to South Sudan to spend a day in the life of a remarkable twelve year old girl, Jina Keji. Her world revolved around walking a mile there and back to fill a jerry can of water three times a day, to sustain her family, for whom she is the primary caretaker. Brilliant, beautiful and gushing with a joy, Jina will grab your hearts while illustrating the tremendous need for clean water sources in countless villages around the world. We ask the question: How can one little girl’s life be changed if she is given easy access to clean water? For most of us, fresh water is a tap away.  For others, it’s an arduous daily journey. For every human, water is life.

Water is Basic

About the Sponsor Organization

Water is Basic

We catalyze local, sustainable solutions to local water crisis; providing clean, safe water in the villages where people live. It's really that simple.

Ru: Water is Life helped raise nearly $2,000,000 for water since its premier. Impacting the lives 500,000 south Sudanese with clean water.

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