• The Via Advent Audiobook

    The Via Advent Audiobook

    In this second in a series, The Via Advent, Shawn Small's creative and unique retelling of the familiar story of the birth of Christ into our world captures anew the profound mystery of Christ's incarnation. The Via Advent is a celebration both of the birth of Christ and of those individuals whose faithfulness, patient supplication, and obedience to the high calling of God was so wonderfully and faithfully rewarded. Presented in the context of their history and in the fullness of their humanity, Shawn invites the reader to participate in the discovery of the Messiah through the lens of those whose lives intersected so dramatically with the great unveiling.
  • The Via Crucis Audiobook

    The Via Crucis Audiobook

    A Roman soldier. An anguished mother. A death-row prisoner. An unsuspecting pilgrim. A treacherous friend. Jesus touches each of these and many others seen and unseen on his agony-filled way to the cross. Combining sacred scripture, storytelling, and personal reflection, The Via Crucis draws readers into a heartfelt and inspiring contemplation of Jesus' sacrifice and his triumphant victory over death. Raw, vivid stories voiced by those present at Christ's trials and crucifixion capture the pain, power, and passion of the Savior's suffering on humanity's behalf.