Ru: Water is Life Screens at the United Nations

The run with our short documentary ‘Ru: Water is Life’ has been a journey beyond our imagination.  We have travelled from coast to coast, screening at fourteen film festivals, winning a few awards, raising funds for Water is Basic, and sharing both the desperate need for clean water in South Sudan and demonstrating practical ways we can be the solution. We’ve shown the film in theaters, Rotary Clubs, churches, classrooms, colleges, and even the Explorer’s Club in NYC. The Ru DVD is out and we are able to give it away to anyone interested in being a part of the solution. And just when we thought our screening run was over, along comes the United Nations. On Monday, March 10, 2015, we were invited to be a part of the CSW58 (The 58th Commission on the Status of Women Conference) at the United Nations. Sixty women gathered for the Women and Water in South Sudan round table hosted by Water is Basic and the World Evangelical Alliance.

Steve and Francis Deng on the UN Panel

Steve and Francis Deng on the UN Panel

After the screening of ‘Ru: Water is Life,’ four panelists shared their thoughts on the water issues in South Sudan and around the world. We were honored to hear Francis Deng, South Sudan’s first ambassador, Ms. Kenza Kaouakib-Robinson, a Senior Sustainable Development Officer in the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Ms. Kathy Kelly from the Women’s Federation of World Peace, and Steve Roese, founder and president of Water is Basic and an Executive Producer on Ru. The challenge Steve proposed at the end of the discussion was inspiring.  He said, “The burden of water for over 2 billion people falls squarely on the backs women. They collect, carry and risk their lives to keep the flow of water going for their family.  With that being said, we need women telling us what the solution is.  They must not just be brought to the table. They must lead the discussions and bring the solutions. Women are where the answers will be found.” The ‘Ru’ team is honored to be a part of such a prestigious gathering. Who imagined four years ago that we would show our little film to dignitaries in the United Nations? We must continue to work hard until every one of the 9 million citizens of South Sudan has the basic human right of clean water.  Water is Basic has already provided clean water for over a million people in the last four years. Go to and find out what you can do today. United-Nations-logo


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