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Where is Jina (The RU DVD)

The number one question we hear after a screening of RU is: ‘Where is Jina?’  This video was taken a year ago, before the current South Sudan conflict.  As of now, Jina is safe in a orphanage near the Uganda border but life is tough in South Sudan.  Please pray for her safety and the…

Press Release: Ru Wins the Silver!

Just when the waters had calmed,a new wave washes us off our feet… Hard to believe that it’s been over four years since we decided to create our documentary Ru: Water is Life and 17 months since it premiered on July 15, 2012, at Irving Bible Church.  This had been a thrilling adventure.  Not only…

The Ru Story: Film Festival Fantasy

“Let’s just complete a film.” Steve’s words, spoken five months earlier, rang in my brain like a two-ton church bell calling in a Sunday morning church service.  I wondered if Ru: Water is Life was going to be completed. Would Steve, who took a risk on us, be disappointed once again? It was mid-January 2012….

Press Release: Ru Premier and First Film Festival

This is the press release that went out today about the Premier and the acceptance of Ru: Water is Life into our first film festival. For immediate release North Texas filmmakers earning kudos for documentary Ru In our country, we debate the options of tap versus bottled water.  For most residents of the world’s newest…