The Birth of the Encounter Moment
The Birth of the Encounter Moment

The word Encounter was birthed on Wonder Voyage’s maiden trip 20 years ago. This is the story of how Shawn and Michael Fleming coined the term following a divine experience in a mile-long underground tunnel in Ireland.

Kelly Curry, Susan Curry, and Shawn Small
An Tobar Nua Book

In 2001, I was preparing to lead five groups from the United States to Galway, Ireland on pilgrimages. There was one big problem. Even though I had visited a good bit of Ireland, I’d never been to that part of the country. Through a mutual friend, I learned about Kelly and Susan Curry, a couple…

Acres of Diamonds

In 2012 I had the privilege of producing and directing my first documentary film Ru: Water is Life.  We raised appr. $30,000 and shot for two weeks in South Sudan. The experience was beyond anything I could have imagined. By 2015 Ru: Water is Life had been in 15 film festivals, was screened to tens of thousands…

How About Reading My New Book BEFORE ITS PUBLISHED!

My new book, ‘The Chronicles of CS Lewis’ will be out in early spring. I need to have 25 reviews for Amazon when the book goes up. Will you be one of those reviewers? Qualifications: 1. You like to read 2. You like me 3. You can read a 191 page book in a month…

Where is Jina (The RU DVD)

The number one question we hear after a screening of RU is: ‘Where is Jina?’  This video was taken a year ago, before the current South Sudan conflict.  As of now, Jina is safe in a orphanage near the Uganda border but life is tough in South Sudan.  Please pray for her safety and the…

Ru: Water is Life Screens at the United Nations

The run with our short documentary ‘Ru: Water is Life’ has been a journey beyond our imagination.  We have travelled from coast to coast, screening at fourteen film festivals, winning a few awards, raising funds for Water is Basic, and sharing both the desperate need for clean water in South Sudan and demonstrating practical ways…

Press Release: Ru Wins the Silver!

Just when the waters had calmed,a new wave washes us off our feet… Hard to believe that it’s been over four years since we decided to create our documentary Ru: Water is Life and 17 months since it premiered on July 15, 2012, at Irving Bible Church.  This had been a thrilling adventure.  Not only…

The Ru Story: Film Festival Fantasy

“Let’s just complete a film.” Steve’s words, spoken five months earlier, rang in my brain like a two-ton church bell calling in a Sunday morning church service.  I wondered if Ru: Water is Life was going to be completed. Would Steve, who took a risk on us, be disappointed once again? It was mid-January 2012….